GOLFLINES - Meet the Designers


By: Francisco Bilendo

This young entrepreneur originally from Angola, currently living in China, grew up hearing stories of successful people who believed in their ideas and listened to their passion. Now is his turn to live the dream with his brand GOLFLINES, a clothing, footwear and accessory brand founded in late 2014.

We are excited to watch his dream come true on the catwalk of SBFW.


HUMBLEKLOUD - Meet the Designers


by Francis Mulumba

As a huge fan of music and fashion, it was only natural for Francis Mulumba from DR Congo to start his street wear line, Humblekloud in 2014. His aim is to bring luxury into streetwear culture by offering unique clothing designs at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. With constantly released collections that match the urbanwear demands he strives to give everyone access to a great shopping experience and even better designs. At Humblekloud it's not just about the clothes but about having good experiences.

We may be ready to hit the streets in this young brands comfortable designs this SBFW.


NAYA FASHION - Meet the Designers


by Sheila Boaduwaa Yeboah


Sheila Boaduwaa Yeboah is a student at Hebei North university, studying medicine in China . She made  her  first  dress  at the age of 15 and now fashion design has turned from a hobby to a profession. Her talents don’t stop there as she is also dabbles in hair making.  Naya Fashion, adopted  from her  name "Nana Yaa, is her fashion house which specializes in all things African print including clothes, slippers, accessories incorporating a little bit of the Asian.  


Sheila is doing it all and we look forward to seeing what shes made with her magic hands.


MAKMARALI - Meet the Designers

Meet the Designers




By: Aisha Nursapa


The inspiration behind her design comes from a time when she was traveling throughout the world. She was fascinated by the different cultures, pure beauty and became inspired to embrace these styles from other religions and societies, a collaboration she believes can bring people together as one. All her designs represent the beauty of cultural norms & peace.

Shanghai Black Fashion Week is very interested to see how her vision will actualize.


DIVERSITY - Meet the Designers

Meet the Designers -Showing at Shanghai Black Fashion Week




Jessica Erna Tan


Representing Papua New Guinea, Diversity Clothing is a colorful African print inspired clothing brand already making waves in Shanghai. Ms. Tan has so much love for West African clothing and prints especially Ghanaian Kente , so she wanted everyone in the world to see and rock the beauty of these colorful designs. Love, unity, and hope is what this brand stands for. Love as in One love for all people. Unity as in unifying our diverse world and Hope for world peace.


This collection is called "Ankara Frost".


Already a popular brand in Shanghai we can’t wait to see what else Diversity will be rolling out this November.

Ancient Chinese Fashion Today

With so many ethnic minorities in China, let's explore the fashion that helps differentiate themselves from one another.


The Miao Ethnicity Group

The Miao have a very long history. Their legends claim that they lived along the Yellow River and Yangtze River valleys as early as 5,000 years ago. Later they migrated to the forests and mountains of southwest China. There they mostly lived in Guizhou Province. Military attacks in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries forced them into the nearby provinces of Guangxi, Hunan, Hubei, and Yunnan. Some Miao even migrated across the Chinese border into Vietnam, Laos, Kampuchea, Thailand, and Burma (Myanmar). The Miao became known for always being on the move. However, most of the Miao have settled down since the middle of the twentieth century

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The Miao name actually incorporates a number of ethnic groups with various different styles, however one thing remains consistent: their skill with embroidering, weaving, paper-cutting, batik, and jewelry casting.

Ancient Chinese Fashion Today

With so many ethnic minorities in China, let's explore the fashion that helps differentiate themselves from one another. Let's start with the most well known ancient fashion still popular today: the Chinese suit and the Chengsam (Qi Pao).

"Traditional Chinese Han clothing (Han Fu) refers to the attire worn by the Han People from the enthronement of the Yellow Emperor (about 2698 BC) till the late Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644 AD). It became known as the Han Fu (“fu” means “clothes” in Chinese) because the fashion was improved and popularized during the Han Dynasty. It is usually in the form of long gown, cross collar, wrapping the right lapel over the left, loose wide sleeves and no buttons but a sash. Although simple in design, it gives different feelings to different wearers."

"Chinese Suit (Tang Zhuang): It is a combination of the Manchu male jacket of the Qing Dynasty and the western style suit. It is usually straight collared, with coiled buttons down the front. Its color and design are in traditional Chinese style but tailoring is western."

"Cheongsam (Qi Pao): Originated from the Manchu female clothes, it evolved by merging with western patterns that show off the beauty of a female body. Its features are straight collar, strain on the waist, coiled buttons and slits on both sides of the dress. Materials used are usually silk, cotton and linen. Cheongsam is the most popular Chinese attire in the world today."

CHEF2CLASSE - Meet The Designers

Representing Republic of Congo Ngoudikaka Guy Donald Paraclet will be hitting the runway with his premier mens brand Chef2Classe (Master Class). Also represented in France, Chef2Classe boast bold color and sleek style for the casual to professional man.

Donald was introduced to fashion at an early age visiting street fashion shows called Sapologie where participants battle based on clothes and shoes. We can’t wait to see what this young talent will bring to the stage for November’s Shanghai Black Fashion Week.

Black Engagement

Several months back in June we introduced Shanghai Black Fashion Week to the world with a classy, cocktail party called Black Engagement. It was a snazzy affair full of fashionistas who came from all around China. Here are some highlights of that unforgettable night.