NALOVEKED - Meet the Designers

Meet Melissa Hyatt (25)

Brand: Naloveked

Nature. Love. Naked. Three words that inspire Melissa Hyatt's couture women's brand, Naloveked. The tangible substances like oils, gold, bones, shells an other natural minerals are what contribute to the elegance and simplicity of her style. She believes that with love comes an interpersonal affection that creates a comfort for how we want to portray ourselves in our surroundings. The element of nudity brings up social considerations that involve modesty, decency and social norms. Get ready to be surprised by this up and coming, talented young and fresh designer.

What are you planning for Shanghai Black Fashion Week? I plan to take Shanghai on a journey with my 2017 collection "The Garden of Eden". Come to see a harmonious marriage between the free aesthetic of Naloveked and ancient Chinese culture, which is sure to create something undeniably dynamic.