Shanghai Black Fashion Week


Shanghai Black Fashion Week will ignite the fashion world again in 2018 debuting first time novices and successful professionals on the same stage with events, parties and shows:


Novice Shows, Hip Hop and Street Wear Shows, Professionals Designers Shows, Seminars with an industry worker, Trade Show, After parties

嘻哈和街头服装秀, 饰品秀, 大师时装秀, 行业研讨会, 贸易展, 派对


Records have shown that throughout the world of fashion the industry is highly political. It would take an upcoming designer a considerable amount of money and special connections to earn the opportunity to feature at a fashion week in New York, London or Paris, not to mention Shanghai Fashion Week. Shanghai Black Fashion Week seeks to break this monopoly by giving fresh fashion design graduates, novice designers, aspiring seamstresses, and underground creative minds a platform to display their individual talents to the world.

Shanghai Black Fashion Week is China’s first and only fashion event aimed at showcasing diverse, underground fashion talents worldwide. Other Fashion Week’s of the world show some of the most talented professional designers to an exclusive audience. Shanghai Black Fashion Week focuses on novice designers and aims to present a classy and inclusive experience exploring fashion styles of the world. These designers are not amateur, however. While most SBFW designers lack international name recognition, those showing looks on the runway have several designs, professional experience and already have quite a large customer base. For designers, SBFW is not just a platform giving them access to the world. Lifting undiscovered and diverse talents up is SBFW's goal so designers receive mentoring from professionals and opportunities to learn about insider information like the manufacturing process, factory selection and lookbook creation. 

For its audience SBFW is a place of excitement and innovation. The location of fresh fashion and secret talent. A stylish place to see and be seen in a setting like non other. Shanghai Black Fashion Week is a time to celebrate diversity, support local talents and bring to light the hidden creativity flourishing in China's underground fashion world.


Stay tuned for more information on Shanghai Black Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018.





Benjamin Kontoh
Bespoke Tailor/Stylist

Creative Director

                     Kimberley Will                          Engineer              SBFW Event Coordinator

                    Kimberley Will


            SBFW Event Coordinator


Hu John
Media Personailty

Production Director

                  Qian Tianyi AKA Big T

                  Event Planning, Branding

                      Event Coordinator


TaVanni Singleton
Event Professional

Communications Director


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Brander Urstoff

It Takes A Village

We are accepting volunteers with all backgrounds and levels of experience from customer service to project management to assist in making Shanghai Black Fashion Week a week to remember. If you are interested in volunteering with SBFW and reaping the benefits of participation, please contact us at for more information on how your skills or experience can assist.



我们欢迎所有商业或个人的赞助或支持。如果您或您的品牌对参与上海黑色时装周有兴趣,欢迎发送邮件到,或拨打 +86 18662617766联系我们